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HD - Canon 5D Mark II Color Tests

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Publiceret door Smooto i Travel & Places
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I shot a little bit of footage outside a bar last night. I just got the 5D and wanted to test out how it did with various light conditions. With properly lit footage, keeping the ISO pretty low (800 or less) the footage was very clean. As soon as the light went down, the ISO really jumps up and footage becomes very noisy. I decided to push the footage in color correction and see what I could get away with. Very surprised how much range I could get out of these two simple clips. Focusing with the lens I had on hand was a bit challenging, so this isn't the sharpest footage ever, but I really love to look of this camera. As with any piece of film or video, with proper lighting, this camera's footage can easily break out and look very close to film. Comments, thoughts and other nonsense is always appreciated below.

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