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my intent was to express my personal struggle of freeing my inner self or breaking apart from any religiously-structured laws which can dictate how one lives a life... my personal experience shows that this can take a long time to achieve... the sanctions which are held within these cults, creeds, or systems of superhumans/divinity were once frightening to me and, to make a longer story shorter, i eventually grew tired of apologizing for being human. i also feel that the only thing that i truly can own is myself, so why give that away? right now i do not have sufficient evidence that proves that there is a divine creator - at least not the types of evidence which would allow my character to adhere to any religious law. and the only type of "worshipping" i can do is through the respect of nature. reality is enough for me. at the same time, however, i won't argue and believe that there is no divine being or god. i feel like that's just the same as worshipping one. evolution is arguably the most realistic theory, but it is only that - a theory. so i have falsifiable theory or subjective belief to choose between. but i don't like those limitations. not one bit. which is why i have declared myself agnostic. i made this soundscape (or spiritual collage :)) and video along with it's short descriptive text because i have that right. the process of this creation reflects my recent exploration of some of the world's most popular religions (and also reflects some other more personal experiences - some of which is included in this text). i won't always agree with your beliefs, but i will ALWAYS honor your right to practice your beliefs and to believe and say whatever you want. while researching these religions from an objective and impartial point-of-view, i was VERY interested in the dynamics of their belief structures, the history, the architectural qualities of the places of worship, the gods, goddesses, and demi-gods, the ancient texts, the music, and of course, the iconography and symbolism. hinduism, judaism, buddhism, sikhism, islam, and christianity were studied. although i didn't include anything specific about the ancient native-american tribal beliefs in this video, i have read a bit about these basics, and found them very fascinating and at times found it hard to keep the research process objective due to the fact that my own personal set of values and stance toward what is unknown was "in compliance" or "agreeable" with my understanding of the particular tribes'. ok just so there is no misunderstanding, all i'm saying is that i think ancient native-american tribal beliefs are really interesting and valuable to everyone on earth. i'm actually taking a course in cultural anthropology at the moment and many many religious beliefs have been topics of discussion, as well as the more generalized areas of study (like the difference between theory and belief). the things i have learned in this class are fantastic and i would recommend studying cultural anthropology to everyone in the world. i think linguistics and culture are the most interesting sub-fields of anthropology! UPDATE:
i am now a Hindu :)

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