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  • 02:31 Popular HD - White Bat Plant

    HD - White Bat Plant

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Tacca integrifolia] [taxonomy:family=Dioscoreaceae] The White Bat Plant belongs to the yam family. It is found in south east Asia and from eastern India to southern China. The plant was growing in a friend's garden. He prided himself on

  • 01:57 Popular HD - Orange-eyed Tree Frogs

    HD - Orange-eyed Tree Frogs

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Litoria chloris] [taxonomy:family=Hylidae] This medium-sized frog grows to 65 mm and is found from north of Sydney to mid-northern Queensland. Its unmistakable, loud, two- part rhythmic call is heard on warm, damp, nights in Summer.

  • 03:52 Popular HD - Grey Shrike-thrush

    HD - Grey Shrike-thrush

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Colluricincla harmonica] [taxonomy:family=Pachycephalidae] The bird is noted for its singing. It is of medium size and occurs in New Guinea and most parts of Australia. The nest was built on a bedroom widow ledge.

  • 02:22 Popular HD - Stephen's Banded Snake

    HD - Stephen's Banded Snake

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Hoplocephalus stephensii] [taxonomy:family=Elapidae] The Stephen's Banded Snake is nocturnal, venomous and potentially dangerous. The bands can be black and grey or there may be no bands at all. The snake is endemic to coastal south eas

  • 01:59 Popular HD - Tree Dahlia

    HD - Tree Dahlia

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Dahlia imperialis] [taxonomy:binomial=Asteraceae] The herbaceous perennial is native to Mexico, central America and Colombia.

  • 01:29 Popular HD - Snow Flake

    HD - Snow Flake

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Euphorbia leucocephala] [taxonomy:family=Euphorbiacae] A native of central America and related to the poinsettia, Snow Flake is found in the warmer regions of Australia within a few hundred kilometres from the coast.

  • 03:25 Popular HD - Paper Wasps

    HD - Paper Wasps

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Polistes humilis] [taxonomy:family=Vespidae] The Common Paper Wasp occurs throughout Australia in colonies of up to 20 individuals. The nest was located beneath the top rail of a metal fence, next to a post. It is built out of a mixture

  • 01:56 Popular HD - Short-eared Brushtail Possum

    HD - Short-eared Brushtail Possum

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Trichosurus caninus] [taxonomy:family=Phalangeridae] This is Australia's heaviest possum and can weigh up to 4 kg. It used to be known as the Mountain Brushtail Possum.

  • 01:55 Popular HD - Brown Honeyeaters

    HD - Brown Honeyeaters

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Lichmera indistincta] [taxonomy:family=Meliphagidae] The bird occurs in western, northern and eastern Australia in a range of habitats from mangroves to eucalypt woodlands. Honeyeaters are mainly found in Australia and New Guinea.

  • 01:08 Popular HD - Anemone stinkhorn fungus

    HD - Anemone stinkhorn fungus

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Aseroe rubra] [taxonomy:family=Phallaceae] Seeing is believing. A fungus with tentacles! It's spores are distributed by flies.

  • 03:10 Popular HD - Regent Bowerbirds

    HD - Regent Bowerbirds

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Sericulus chrysocephalus] [taxonomy:family=Ptilonorhynchidae] Male and female birds, with 2 juvenile males, one just starting to acquire his male colouring. The number of mature males in one spot is remarkable.

  • 03:19 Popular HD - Spangled Drongos

    HD - Spangled Drongos

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Dicrurus bracteatus] [taxonomy:family=Dicruridae] In the high altitude areas around Brisbane, Spangled Drongos arrive to breed in late Spring and leave in early to mid Summer. The bird's distinguishing feature is its long, forked and ou