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  • 01:33 Popular HD - Giant Earth Worms

    HD - Giant Earth Worms

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Digaster longmani] [taxonomy:family=Megascolecidae] The video includes a worm about 1 metre long, unearthed by an excavator digging a hole for an in-ground water tank. For some reason, the worms no longer regularly emerge from their flo

  • 02:10 Popular HD - Death Adder

    HD - Death Adder

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Acanthophis antarcticus] [taxonomy:family=Elapidae] This is one of a number of potentially deadly venomous snakes which occur on the mountain, but are rarely encountered.

  • 01:28 Popular HD - Hornet's Nest

    HD - Hornet's Nest

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Abispa ephippium] [taxonomy:family=Vespidae] An Australian Hornet, in reality a Potter Wasp and its remarkable nest in a totally surprising location.

  • 02:53 Popular HD - Scrub Turkey

    HD - Scrub Turkey

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Alectura lathami] [taxonomy:family=Megapodiidae] The male builds and maintains his mound which can contain up to 4 tons of material, gathered from a radius of some 30 metres.

  • 02:07 Popular HD - Male Satin Bowerbird

    HD - Male Satin Bowerbird

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Ptilonorhynchus violaceus] [taxonomy:family=Ptilonorhynchidae] This mature male Satin Bowerbird is tending his bower within 3 meters of a house on Tamborine Mountain.

  • 00:52 Popular HD - Australian Magpie Preening

    HD - Australian Magpie Preening

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Cracticus tibicen] [taxonomy:family=Artamidae] The Australian bird is very different to its namesake in Europe and has a liltingly melodious song. It is native to New Guinea and Australia, where it is common and well adapted to human ha

  • 01:15 Popular HD - Tiger Snake

    HD - Tiger Snake

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Notechis scutatus] [taxonomy:family=Elapidae] The snake’s venom is among the world’s most potent. Although the snake occurs in Queensland, there was some doubt as to whether this included the mountain. A 2009 night time sighting in MacD

  • 01:23 Popular HD - Goliath Stick Insect

    HD - Goliath Stick Insect

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Eurycnema goliath] [taxonomy:family=Phasmatidae] Although not as long as the Titan, the Goliath is heavier. This individual is near as big as they grow. The Goliath can be found throughout Australia except for Victoria.

  • 01:11 Popular HD - Queensland Bottle Tree

    HD - Queensland Bottle Tree

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Brachychiton rupestris] [taxonomy:family=Malvaceae] This striking Queensland native is endemic beyond the Great Dividing Range in central and western areas south of the Tropic of Capricorn. The trunk, used for water storage, can swell t

  • 01:24 Popular HD - Turkey versus Goanna

    HD - Turkey versus Goanna

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Alectura lathami] [taxonomy:family=Megapodiidae] [taxonomy:binomial=Varanus varius] [taxonomy:family=Varanidae] The Scrub Turkey and Lace Monitor are competing for picnic scraps in the Knoll National Park.

  • 00:55 Popular HD - Impatiens Hawk Moth Caterpillar

    HD - Impatiens Hawk Moth Caterpillar

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Theretra oldenlandiae] [taxonomy:family=Sphingidae] A large and colourful caterpillar of a large brown moth which occurs from India to Japan to Australia via countries in between.

  • 02:00 Popular HD - Mating Garden Orb Spiders

    HD - Mating Garden Orb Spiders

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Eriophora transmarina] [taxonomy:family=Araneidae] I filmed this intimate encounter in torchlight through my kitchen window. The female is very large, reflected in the size of her web, about 1 metre across.