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  • 01:44 Popular HD - Inky Cap

    HD - Inky Cap

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Coprinus sp] [taxonomy:family=Agaricaceae] Most coprinoid mushrooms have black spore prints and gills that liquify. They assist in the decomposition of wood, dung and forest litter.

  • 02:22 Popular HD - Juvenile Pale-headed Rosella

    HD - Juvenile Pale-headed Rosella

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Platycercus adscitus] [taxonomy:family=Platycercinae] The juvenile resembles the Eastern Rosella thanks to the red on its head. It is native to eastern Australia.

  • 01:18 Popular HD - Hairpin Banksia

    HD - Hairpin Banksia

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Banksia spinulosa] [taxonomy:family=Proteaceae] This woody shrub is found in eastern Australia from Victoria to northern Queensland. As a shrub it grows to a bit over 2 m tall, as a tree, to 6 m.

  • 01:49 Popular HD - Brown Thornbill

    HD - Brown Thornbill

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Acanthiza pusilla] [taxonomy:family=Acanthizidae] An insectivorous bird found in eastern and south-eastern Australia, including Tasmania.

  • 02:24 Popular HD - Feathertail Glider

    HD - Feathertail Glider

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Acrobatus pygmaeus] [taxonomy:family=Acrobatidae] The Feathertail is the smallest of Australia's 6 species of Glider. The size of a very small mouse, it can glide up to 25m. Gliders are possums with a membrane between fore and hind legs

  • 01:51 Popular HD - Zygocactus

    HD - Zygocactus

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Schlumbergera truncata] [taxonomy:family=Cactaceae] Schlumbergera is a small genus of cacti with 6 species found in the coastal mountains of south eastern Brazil, but its cultivars flourish in many parts of the world, such as this vigor

  • 02:16 Popular HD - Coffee Bush

    HD - Coffee Bush

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Coffea arabica] [taxonomy:family=Rubiaceae] The plant originates in Ethiopia's south western highlands and is believed to have been cultivated for well over 1,000 years.

  • 02:14 Popular HD - Epiphytic Cactus

    HD - Epiphytic Cactus

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Hylocereus sp] [taxonomy:family=Cactaceae] The genus is native to central America and northern South America. The cactus is closely related to the night blooming and dragon fruit producing species. This cactus is at home on a Jacaranda

  • 03:03 Popular HD - Eastern Spinebill

    HD - Eastern Spinebill

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris] [taxonomy:family=Meliphagidae] The Eastern Spinebill is a species of honeyeater which is a Winter visitor to the mountain. It is native to eastern Australia from Cooktown to eastern South Australia.

  • 04:43 Popular HD - Cadaghi

    HD - Cadaghi

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Eucalyptus torelliana] [taxonomy:family=Myrtaceae] The tree is native to rainforests in north Queensland. This particular specimen is an object lesson in biodiversity. Its heady scent attracting clouds of insects to feed on its nectar.

  • 01:37 Popular HD - Tree Mushroom

    HD - Tree Mushroom

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Pleurotus sp] [taxonomy:family=Pleurotaceae] The genus includes some of the most commonly cultivated edible mushrooms in the world. Pleurotus may be laterally attached with no stem.

  • 01:54 Popular HD - Turkey Tail

    HD - Turkey Tail

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Trametes versicolor] [taxonomy:family=Polyporaceae] In Australia the fungus is found in NSW and Queensland. It is also one of the most common fungi in the northern forests of the world.