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  • 02:49 Popular HD - Male & Female King Parrots

    HD - Male & Female King Parrots

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Alisterus scapularis] [taxonomy:family=Psittaculidae] Ranging from northern and central Queensland to southern Victoria, they occur in upland forest regions.

  • 02:21 Popular HD - Crinoline Stinkhorn

    HD - Crinoline Stinkhorn

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Phallus indusiatus] [taxonomy:family=Phallaceae] An edible fungus found in the world's tropical regions. It has long been used in Chinese medicine and features in Nigerian folklore.

  • 04:32 Popular HD - Great Egret

    HD - Great Egret

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Ardea alba] [taxonomy:family=Ardeidae] At the time of filming this was a rare visitor to the mountain. It is widely found in the world's warmer areas.

  • 02:48 Popular HD - Grey Fantail

    HD - Grey Fantail

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Rhipidura fuliginosa] [taxonomy:family=Rhipiduridae] This small, insectivorous bird, occurs widely in Australia and in New Guinea, and on neighbouring islands.

  • 01:43 Popular HD - Rufous Fantail

    HD - Rufous Fantail

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Rhipidura rufifrons] [taxonomy:family=Rhipiduridae] The bird can be found in Australia, Indonesia, New Guinea and the Solomon Islands where it inhabits rainforest, wet forest, swamp woodland and mangroves.

  • 02:35 Popular HD - Pale-headed Rosella

    HD - Pale-headed Rosella

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Platycercus adscitus] [taxonomy:family=Psittaculidae] Pale-headed Rosellas are moderately sized ground-feeding parrots endemic to northeastern Australia.

  • 02:05 Popular HD - Jelly Ear Fungus

    HD - Jelly Ear Fungus

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Auricularia cornea] [taxonomy:family=Auriculariaceae] An edible, globally distributed mushroom.

  • 02:13 Popular HD - Logrunner

    HD - Logrunner

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Orthonyx temminckii] [taxonomy:family=Orthonychidae] This forest-dwelling bird is endemic to eastern Australia. I filmed this male enjoying the water during a prolonged drought.

  • 01:59 Popular HD - Purple Fungus

    HD - Purple Fungus

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Lepista sublilcania] [taxonomy:family=Tricholomataceae]

  • 02:15 Popular HD - Whipbird

    HD - Whipbird

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Psophodes olivaceus] [taxonomy:family=Cinclosomatidae] Many people hear the bird's distinctive whip-cracking call without ever seeing it. The bird is insectivorous and native to the east coast of Australia.

  • 01:57 Popular HD - Spinning Top Fungi

    HD - Spinning Top Fungi

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Microporus xanthopus] [taxonomy:family=Polyporaceae] The fungus is found on rotting wood in the Australasian, Asian and African tropics, but is absent in the American tropics. All but the last group of fungi are young fruiting bodies.

  • 02:30 Popular HD - White-Browed Scrub Wren

    HD - White-Browed Scrub Wren

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    [taxonomy:binomial=Sericornis frontalis] [taxonomy:family=Acanthizidae] This insectivorous bird inhabits undergrowth and is found in coastal areas of Australia. I have filmed it roosting in rainforest.