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HD - A travel guide about St Petersburg in Russia

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A travel guide St Petersburg. This video won the Best Comedy Award in the American Motion Picture Society festival 2008. This video was awarded a Silver Diploma in The Cotswold Festival 2008 in the UK. It has also one of the nominated films in the International festival of Outdoor Films held in the Czech Republic To the English, Russia is a place of mystery, danger and secrecy and defiantly not a holiday destination. So when a chance to visit St Petersburg came my way, I signed up without a moment’s hesitation. This guide explores an Englishman’s preconceived ideas about Russia and Russian culture. I think I learnt a lot on my visit, and although I only know a few words in Russian they certainly came in handy more than once.

During my visit in October 2006 I took a lot of photos and turned them into this in depth travel guide.

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